From:  Julian Palmer

To: You The Traveler

Dear Friend,

If you have an upcoming trip to arrange but simply can't be bothered to face the hassle of working out the details on your own, potentially waisting hours if not days, trying to figure out a decent plan for your next trip...

...then you can finally breathe a sigh of relief as you have just found what you were looking for.



Your Itinerary Paladin's mission (aka > "I-Pal") is to make sure you DON'T BURN all your Budget in Crazy Consulting Fees and Actually help you FOCUS on the outlining of a Top-Notch Itinerary.

In fact,

The Number One Goal   of an I-Pal is to help you overcome the roadblocks that your trip will present to you and Utlimately make sure you Enjoy the overall Journey at a Higher Level.

It is known worldwide that putting your trip into the hands of a Travel Agent today is often The number One way to kill your dream itinerary and ultimately burn your wishlist to ashes .

In fact,

Most of the times, they will get paid commissions from hotels they partner with so they can throw expensive travel packages down your throat at their convenience.

99% of the times , selfish so-called TAs (which are spelled ''Tee Ays'' 🙂 ), will suggest Itineraries which are beneficial to THEM and Their Pockets Only.


Here's What A Major Travel Magazine "Travel Weekly" Has To Say:


- How many times have you been rushing around, Touring Like A Maniac  just for the sake of claiming YOU  have "SEEN EVERYTHING'' - ... rushing

... and then found yourself wishing you'd spent more time in a place you accidently fell in love with along the road -


A Succesfull Trip is NOT about the number of stops you are able to fit into One Itineray...

It's About Enjoying The Places That Matter TO YOU As You Go With The Flow

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Here's What Your I-Pal Will Do For You In Greater Detail

  • Plan out your trip based on the IBT pillars
  • 1 on 1 skype calls
  • Research your destination and higlight relevant cultural key points so you can better appreciate the overall experience
  • Analize your wishlist and identify the Real Gems so you don't waist time making irrelevent stops along your itinerary
  • Look for shortcuts to leverage along the journey
  • Share Ninja techniques to save money on accommodation / transport / shopping / dining / entertainment / activities and more
  • Give you local insgiht about custom uses and good manners
  • And much, much more !!

Here's Some Great News

  • ringing up / hotels / vacation homes / b&b to make bookings under your name
  • booking and organizing tickets of any kind (train, bus, museums and so on)
  • Making restaurant reservations on your behalf
  • Private calls with your travel companions to understand their needs/wants, so you can avoid any direct fuss / complaint and Ultimately have a perfectly tailor made Trip that makes everyone happy withou you ever having to bother
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What's The Cost Of " Itinerary Paladin " ?

Redbriks wants to make sure you experience the best trip possible and invest your budget in the actual vacation, instead of blowing it all on Outrageous Consulting Fees    Sad.

Unlike Agents who BEHAVE LIKE  arrowdown15

<< I'm the expert, you just have to listen to me and pull out your credit card >>,

Your I-PAL will walk you through the outlining of your trip based on your wishlist and Will Take No Other Payment besides the startup cost of 699$ other03



check18 Yes Julian, I Want To Jumpstart My Vacation With The Help Of An I-PAL

ONLY 699 $
  • One-Time Payment
  • 1000's of Satisfied Travelers !
  • 100% Risk Free Guarantee
  • No Extra Fees
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And It Gets Even Better !!

As you may know, I-PAL is a service offered by Redbriks, which happens to be a Travel Company-

SO WHAT q marksWell, here's the deal:

Travel companies like Redbriks have access to up to 30% OFF on accommodation, transportation and so on from touristic related services.

Your Itinerary Paladin is happy to Give Up  on ALL COMMISSIONS coming from Touristic services so YOU can have the opportunity to SAVE Top Dollars on the overall travel expenses !!!

Here's the deal arrowdown15

Any time a commission is expected, your I-PAL will hand over 100% of it so you can GET KILLER DISCOUNTS which you wouldn't normally be able to Access.


This might as well be The HOLY GRAIL of Bespoke Travel Today

You can easily find the answer to the question in the name of the service itself:

- Itinerary Paladin -


the most important thing for your I-PAL is to make sure you invest your budget on the trip.

The more you can save , the more you can invest on your journey and on the overall experience right?

After all, this is your I-PAL's mission.

Choose Your Plan

Or 3 Monthly Installments
    Yes, I Want To Apply Now

    You can choose to pay a One-Time fee of $ 699 ,

    Or go with 3 Easy Installments of $ 279

    So, basically,

    over the course of a month,you'll  be getting a full bespoke travel service for


    arrow15Chances are You're Currently Spending MORE On Coffee and Beer  every day all ready ...

    As you can see, by hiring an Itinerary Paladin, not only will you be wealthier, but you'll also get HEALTHIER.. !!  (just kiddin' a there... 😀 )


    Money Back Guarantee


    And if by any chance you’re not Absolutely Thrilled by working with your I-PAL, then let us know, and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

    You still get to keep the IBT-Pillars plan and Research, so you have nothing to loose.,

    star03 Either Way You Win star03


    With that said,

    We're absolutely confident you're going to TOTALLY  fall in love with your I-PAL.

    In Fact,

    Redbriks has taken it a step forwards and wants you to take the most out of your time and investment.




    Airport Escape

    check12 Avoid The Typical Airport Headaches

    check12 A Redbriks Host will be there to greet you at the very beginning of your holiday.

    check12 Your private host will guide you Out of the Airport and onto your track so you don't have to mess around with timetables, tickets , hire car companies and so on.

    check12 Your host will put you on the right track towards your base.

    [ VALUE - $300 ]


    24/7 Support

    check12 Any time you're facing some issues along the journey you can count on our 24/7 Stellar Customer Service

    check12 Get support ,24 hours a Day, 7 Days a week during your Trip

    [ VALUE - $900 ]


    Mobile Phone + Sim Card

    check12 A Handy Mobile phone will await you.

    check12 Local SIM card

    check12 Send / receive sms's + local phone calls

    check12 Make Unlimited phone calls with your I-PAL

    [ VALUE - $150 ]


    SMS Trip-Reminder

    check12You'll receive a daily SMS reminder with your plans for the day

    check12 Weather alerts

    check12 Restaurant Reservations Reminders

    check12 Customized alerts

    [ VALUE - $50 ]


    MAPS.ME - Pro Version

    check12 VIP coupon for MAPS.ME  PRO version [offline gps + maps application ]

    check12 Fast, detailed and completely offline maps for mobile devices

    check12 Any country, any place, from the largest cities to the smallest villages, at your fingertips

    check12 No Internet connection required. Save money on roaming charges.

    check12 Works on Android and Apple devices.


    #1 in the Appstore for ''Offline Maps"

    That's a Total of 1,400$ In FREE Services !!

    In order for us to guarantee a great service , we cannot take more than 50 clients  per semester.

    So, if you can see the Button Below , it means you still have a chance to jump on board.

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    Either way,

    I hope you got some help today and I thank you for your time.

    If you have any questions or you need any help, feel free to connect with us by all means.

    Have a great day !





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    It's 100% Risk Free. If you're not satisfied you'll get a full refund , no questions asked.


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